About Me

I live in Wirral, Merseyside – close to the sea, as I have done all my life, having moved from Belfast to Liverpool to study Fine Art in 1977. Since graduating with First Class Honours in 1982 I’ve been involved in the arts as a poet and artist and later in counselling and art therapy.  I currently work in education and also teach watercolour classes at my studio.

Most of my work is concerned with the landscapes around me – patterns left in the sands and the way light falls on them, and so many aspects, from salt marsh to industrial docklands.  I like the link to my hometown of Belfast too.

Working mainly in watercolour (as well as oils, collage and drawing techniques) it’s usually  the light, and the way light alters colour and sculpts the visual world, which makes me interested in making a picture. I’m also interested in lines, both natural and man-made, deliberate and accidental, and how these affect the way we look at our surroundings – perhaps to look closely or the opposite, to look farther. Environmental issues concern me and this is reflected in some recent work.

I’ve exhibited in the North West and in Ireland and was the founder and manager of the Acorn Gallery in Liverpool (now The Egg), which included Artspool quarterly magazine and Merseyside Contemporary Artists, a non-profit artists’ society. I have work in private collections internationally and poems published in magazines, anthologies, film and radio.